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Expanding it's service to Travel and Tourism
At present, the company extended its wings towards other service sectors apart from the general passenger transportation with the aim to bestow comfort for the commuters. Therefore, the company always willing to provide luxury air conditioned or non air conditioned vehicles.
D.S. Gunasekera - Passenger Transport Services - Sri Lanka
Hotline : 0112 820 332 / Mobile: 0772 648 011 / 0772 648 010
D.S Gunasekera passenger Transport Services pvt Ltd is an established specialized Transport company which provides safe and reliable service for the customers and its employees. The company's roots date back over 18 years of experience and knowledge with a commitment to professionalism and integrity in transportation industry. Starting with a non AC Layland bus traversed through Anuradhapura – Colombo rout, husband and wife sought a new career that would fulfill and offer them new experiences. Over last 18 years, they excelled and have been building an impressive establishment in the transportation industry.

Within the first 3 years, husband and wife decided to take the plunge and chase the dream to go into more expanded business. The dynamic duo subsequently owns their own 45 buses run all three routes headed to Anuradhapura which is the home town of their grand farther. Colombo –Dambulla – Anuradhapura, Colombo - Galgamuwa –Anuradhapura and Colombo – Puttalam-Anuradhapura were the routes company provided its service at first.
  • Travel companies
  • Corporate events
  • Office annual trips
  • Government events
  • Group hires
  • Wedding and other private functions
  • D.S. Gunasekera - Passenger Transport Services - Sri Lanka